Emergency Assistance


As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011, Indian origin population in Victoria is over 400,000 and is one of the fastest growing ethnic group in Victoria and Australia. The incoming migrant Indian population are predominantly under the Skilled category, Skilled Temporary Professional workers, Students admitted to various Universities and TAFE institutes and finally floating population of Tourists.

The Latest Immigration statistics indicate over 71,000 people were Punjabi-speaking migrants and the language grew by over 207 percent since 2006 while over 34,000 migrants were Gujarati-speaking and the language recorded over 188 percent growth since 2006. Even Marathi emerged as a fast-growing language other than English by recording growth of slightly over 111 percent since 2006 with over 8,500 migrants speaking the language as per 2011 census. Kashmiri was one of the new ethnicities included in this year’s report for the first time. Over 150 Kashmiri-speaking homes were recorded during 2011 as compared to 85 in 2006.

The other languages that continue to grow include Tamil ( 65,000 ) Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu and Oriya.


The growing community faces a lot of issues in a new country. Accommodation, Tenancy issues, assistance in emergency situations, employment assistance and a number of issues faced by the community have been echoing in many a forums and community gatherings. FIAV in assistance with a number of Service Providers and Network partners engaged in many emergency assistance rendered for victims of violence and crime.

The Assistance and help offered by FIAV are very specific and varies in nature and an appropriate professional is roped in to manage the Victim’s issue. Since 2009, FIAV has managed to secure assistance from Victims of Crime Tribunal for a number of Community Members who have been victims of a number of assault and crime. FIAV also worked with the government in formulating the Hate Crime Legislation in Australia.

Please do contact us if you have a situation that is otherwise NOT  treated as Emergency. Contact FIAV


FOR LIFE THREATENING & MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, PLEASE CONTACT 000 and ask for ( Police, Ambulance, Fire etc…) or follow the operator. FIAV does not handle such an emergency.