Domestic Violence:

If you are in an Emergency, OR life threatening situation, PLEASE CALL 000 & follow the operator.

FIAV has a Domestic Violence Community Support Panel, that has a number of professionals in the area of Health, Medical, Mental health, Legal, Social issues and Counseling and  a number of community support groups / volunteers. To have a confidential talk with one of the professional please email FIAV DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PANEL and one of us shall be in touch with you at the earliest. Should you wish to discuss, please dial 1800 FIAV 00 [1800 3428 001800 3428 00] to talk to one of us. Please note this number is NOT always attended and is NOT an Emergency Contact number. In case you are not able to talk, please leave your name / contact number and a short message that you wish to discuss and one of us will be in touch with you soon.

Community Support:

If you have a query related to Community affairs and would like to discuss on how FIAV can support such initiatives, please be in touch with one of us. FIAV has assisted a number of Community Groups, Cultural and Performing Arts groups, Religious organisations on ethno-specific hurdles.

Elderly & Seniors Support:

FIAV has been negotiating with a number of Community & Not for Profit Aged Care Service Providers, Local Governments, State & Federal to facilitate Ethno-Specific Aged care Project for Indian Origin Community in Victoria. Details of the Project shall be published soon