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Domestic Violence


FIAV Domestic Violence Panel was setup in response to a number of calls recieved specific to Family Violence, Child Custody, Legal assistance for victims, Victims of Crime assistance, employment and skills upgrade help, Translation and Interpretation service, Temporary / emergency Accomodation and food support and a number of related assistance required by Indian origin community members on social issues.

Temporary Visitors on skilled employment category, Students and Indian Citizens form a major group of growing Indian origin population, that are facing a number of social issues on a number of front. Responding to a call from the Victorian Multi-Cultural Commission, Victoria Police , Magistrate Courts and a number of family counselling centres, FIAV initiated the Domestic Violence panel with a number of Volunteers from various capabilities and professions, that are able to devote time and effort to the benefit of the Community.

Over the last 5 Years, FIAV managed to deal and assist more than 50 Domestic Violence Victims, that have been referred by the Indian Consulate in Melbourne, Victoria Police and a number of Community groups and organisations.

The Following are the FIAV Domestic Violence Panel Members:

Medical Professionals
Dr. Lata Satyen
School of Psychology, Deakin University
Dr. Vaidy Swaminathan
Consultant Psychiatrist, Melbourne University
Ms Hyacinth Monterio
Educational Psychologist
Dr. Matthew Thomas
Family Physician, Royal Melbourne Hospital
Dr. Jabeen Syeda
Consultant General Physician
Dr. Ravi Kamisetty
Dental Consultant

Mythili Nagasundaram
Nurse – Div 2
Usha Matthews
Nurse – Div 2, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton

Legal Professionals
Mr Peter Vlahos
Barrister & Solicitors, Former Mayor of the City of Monash
Mr Vernon Da Gama
Barrister & Solicitor

Social Workers
Deepa Matthews
Manager South Asian Region Central Queensland University
Mayur Katariya
Manager of Research Degrees
Faculty of Education
Chair - Domestic Violence Panel
Dr Sharad Gupta, Vice President, FIAV

Community Volunteers
Mr Swaminathan, Occupational Health Consultant
Mr Jay Kumar, IT Professional
Mrs Meena Swaminathan, Community Volunteer
Mrs Anamika Srivastava, Community Volunteer
Dr Santosh Kumar, President NRISA & representing FIAV

COMMUNITY: Ethno- Specific Aged Care initiative project shall ensure establishing an Aged care specially constructed & designed for Indian origin Victorians, taking in to consideration the cultural needs of our seniors.
Community Support Panel: FIAV's support panel focus is to render assistance to community members in need of service. This include newly arrived migrants, long term residents who might need to consult a specialist for a confidential discussion about their life, family career etc...