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Community Initiatives


FIAV currently focuses on the following initiatives to the Wider community in Victoria

  • Represent the cause of Indian origin Victorians.
  • Act as a lobby group for the Indian community in Victoria.
  • Ethno-Specific Aged care Initiative
  • Domestic Violence victims assistance service
  • Facilitate & assist organisations/ groups in various community initiatives.
  • Facilitate trade and businesses locally to benefit from community initiatives.
  • Facilitate promotion of overseas business to be set up in Victoria.
  • Promotion of Indian origin forms of Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Culture and heritage.
  • Promoting Communal harmony and integration through unifying Indian origin religious and spiritual groups and leading from a single voice.
  • Initiate a Museum project initiative, that establishes a public display of a number of paintings and artifacts on Indian heritage, culture and history, dating back to 2000 years.

COMMUNITY: Ethno- Specific Aged Care initiative project shall ensure establishing an Aged care specially constructed & designed for Indian origin Victorians, taking in to consideration the cultural needs of our seniors.
Community Support Panel: FIAV's support panel focus is to render assistance to community members in need of service. This include newly arrived migrants, long term residents who might need to consult a specialist for a confidential discussion about their life, family career etc...